Cash Flow


What's Your Company Worth?

Whether you're selling your business, getting insurance or sorting through estate taxes, knowing your business's value comes in handy.

Protecting Your Company's Most Important Assets

Think of your company's intangible assets as the foundation of your business. Without them, you've just got a pile of rubble.

Valuing Your Homebased Business

The first thing to figure out is whether you're profitable.

Born Again

Good businesses don't have to die just because they've gone hopelessly, out-of-control in debt. There is a place they can turn for redemption: the bankruptcy laws.

Make a Statement

What to do if your bank requires audited financial statements

Can't Go With the Flow?

Simple solutions for winning the cash-flow battle

Inventory-Based Lines of Credit

How one company deals with a common cash-flow problem
Growth Strategies

Valuation of Private vs. Public Firms

Why private companies tend to be valued lower than public firms

Trimming The Fat

Your big, bloated company is costing you an arm and a leg. Maybe it's time to cut back.


Maintaining good relations with your bank even when you don't need money from them

Get Bizzed

Review of e-Citi's

Good Books

Need help managing your money? Read Streetwise Finance & Accounting

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