The Institutions Are Buying Under Armor Again

Institutional support for Under Armour is on the rise but the headwinds are mounting and Nike, with its dividend, looks like the better buy.

Thomas Hughes

Is Nike An Undervalued Opportunity for Investors?

Nike's P/E ratio has fallen to levels not seen over the last five years. Investors have paid attention to this, but does it deserve a place in your portfolio?

Matthew North

This Shark Tank Success Was Made for Chill Entrepreneurs

Last chance to get it for $50 off during our Deal Days promotion.

The Analysts Rip The Seams Out Of Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix (NASDAQ: SFIX) has been an interesting growth story but one that is coming apart at the seams. The pandemic, the stimulus, and the channel shift to eCommerce that...

Thomas Hughes

Two Retailers, One To Buy And One To Avoid

Retail, especially apparel, is one of the hardest sectors to invest in because it can be, in many cases, among the hardest industries to profit in and that is increasingly...

Thomas Hughes

Almo Raises $2 Million In Pre-Series A Round

The fund raised will be used to strengthen the branding and marketing for an innovative and viable product range

Teena Jose

Ross Stores On The Verge Of Major Rally

Shares of discount retailer Ross Stores (NASDAQ: ROST) were among the best performing of US equities this week as shares popped as much as 7% from where they closed last...

Sam Quirke

What the Metaverse Means for the Apparel Industry

In the metaverse, the apparel industry will find itself at the intersection of digital social interaction, online ecommerce and creative virtual expression.

Henry Ma

It's Time to Buy These 3 Dow Laggards

Even blue chip names such as those in the Dow Jones index have been unusually volatile in recent days. For the long-term investor, it means quality stocks like The Home...

MarketBeat Staff

3 Best Textile and Apparel Stocks Right Now

Of all the clothing and textile brands, which ones are dead ringers for your next stock pick? Let's find out.

Melissa Brock

Video Gives a First Look at Amazon's High-Tech Clothing Store

Amazon's first brick-and-mortar apparel store will be open to the public later this year.

Chloe Arrojado

Why I Started Wearing the Same Outfit Every Day

Small decisions distract from the important ones. How simplifying your wardrobe can change your life.

Dylan Ogline