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What does an office manager do and why should you work with one?

The labor market is constantly changing and the needs of companies are always evolving.

Konfío acquires Sr. Pago, a solution that supports growing companies

This is the company's third purchase after Astro in 2019 and Gestionix at the end of 2020.

Why cubicles could be back in corporate offices

Without a doubt, 2020 completely changed the way many companies work.

Apple is still the most expensive company in the world

The Cupertino-based company holds its place for another year.

Google Employees Who Choose to Work From Home Could Get a Salary Cut

Similar moves are being tested by several companies in Silicon Valley.

Do we compete or do I buy from you? Norton acquires Avast for $ 8 billion

According to the terms of this transaction, Avast owners will receive their payments in cash and Norton shares.

The Japanese secret to undertake with meaning

All people must find their "ikigai" to be happy in life. Do you already have yours?

LinkedIn is already a $ 10 billion a year business for Microsoft

This was announced by the executives of the company founded by Bill Gates.

China reduces the price of its companies on foreign stock exchanges

In the following years there will be fewer Chinese entities for public sale, but the commercial relationship between China and the United States will not be stopped.