Company Culture

5 Tips to Optimize Your Flexible Working System

Flexible working is here to stay. Successful companies must build systems that promote employee productivity while also prioritizing employee satisfaction.

Why Are So Many Leaders Botching the Return to the Office?

Leaders often claim that people are a company's most important resource, yet those who shun telework do not abide by this principle.

5 Ways to Enhance Remote Company Culture and Build a Team That Thrives Together or Apart

Having a company with remote employees for the past five years, I share these insights about how to build a foundational remote company culture and foster teamwork.

3 Tips to Leading a Fast-Growing, Remote Team

Keeping the team engaged and aligned can be tricky, especially with new people joining every month.

Ivan Zak

How Business Leaders Can Foster an Innovative Work Culture

Companies are in need of new ideas to gain an advantage in the game.

Vadym Rogovskyi

Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World

Nicole Walters, CEO and founder of Inherit Learning Company, chats with Travis Montaque, CEO and founder of Holler, about using technology to keep employees emotionally connected to the business.

Nicole Walters

If You Are Choosing Between Culture and Strategy, You're Choosing Wrong.

Holding leadership accountable for the success of their teams requires a hyper-focus on culture, strategy and execution.

Patti Fletcher

3 Lessons About Company Culture I Learned From the ER

A healthy system is important for your body and your workforce.

Nate Gardner

Keeping Your Team Connected and Productive

Nicole Walters, CEO & Founder of Inherit Learning Company, chats with Georgene Huang and Romy Newman, Co-Founders of Fairygodboss, about managing and connecting with remote employees.

The Role of Company Culture In Digital Transformation

Technological shifts will unavoidably impact company culture. Can it be for the better?

How This Company Is Using FamTech to Change the Corporate Landscape for Working Moms and Dads

The founder and CEO of Villyge shares how her company is helping working parents (and their employers) thrive.

Jessica Abo

What the 'Murder Board' Taught Me About Leadership

Feedback comes in many forms, and may not always be constructive.

Arun Chittur