Company Formation

Company Formation

Beware The Copycats: Choose Your UAE Company Formation Specialist Wisely

Your chosen company formation specialist must possess a good understanding of the UAE regulatory and corporate landscape, and keep on top of changes in legislation, new trends and other factors that could affect your chances of business success.

Gamechangers: UAE Company Formation Specialist Virtuzone On 10 Years Of Supporting Entrepreneurs

Virtuzone proudly declares it has been able to launch over 16,000 companies since 2009.

Five Steps To Turn Your Business Idea Into A Reality

For a business idea to succeed, you need to follow methodical procedures to ensure you launch from a firm base.

The Importance Of Offshore Financial Centres For MENA Entrepreneurs

Over the next few years, international offshore financial jurisdictions will contribute to the MENA startup scene significantly.

Choosing Individual Or Corporate Sponsorship For Your UAE Business

We will look more closely at LLC companies, for which there are two paths for entrepreneurs: an individual local sponsor or a corporate sponsor. Both take a 51% share in your company but with different implications.