The creator of the 'portacaguamon' tells us how he got 7 million pesos from the sharks of Shark Tank Mexico

Rafael Pérez developed a thermal glass for family-size beers that captivated Arturo Elías Ayub and Rodrigo Herrera.

María Arcia

New Hope? They find a 'superbody' capable of fighting all variants of COVID-19

S2H97 could lead to more effective vaccines and other treatments against SARSCov2.

When do the Olympics start?

We tell you when and what time is the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Xiaomi surpasses Apple: It becomes the second world producer of mobile phones

Market analysis firm Canalys asserted that the Chinese firm has 17% of smartphone shipments worldwide.

With $ 15 and a hot dog stand Carl Karcher founded Carls' Jr.

Carl Karcher invested $ 311 to found one of the most popular fast food chains in the world.

March Violante

National proud! Meet the 162 Mexicans who will go to the Tokyo Olympics

The 65 women and 97 men who will proudly represent the Mexican delegation.

Early signs of Alzheimer's can show up in your driving

According to a study, there are certain qualities that make it possible to distinguish the early stages of the disease.

YouTube Copies Twitch and Launches New Features For Streamers

One feature includes having the possibility of enabling a subscribers-only chat in live broadcasts or premieres.

Mexico reaches new record of COVID infections since February

On July 14, 12,116 new infections were registered, the first time since February that more than 11,000 have been registered.

Netflix wants to compete with PlayStation and XBox: it will incorporate video games into its content

The company has analyzed different strategies to diversify its market and has decided to include video games.