Amazon truck 'delivers' woman in viral video

A video from TikTok shows a woman getting out of a company delivery van and leads users of the social network to create different theories.

35 thousand people participated to win the monetary gift of Ricardo Salinas Pliego on the occasion of his birthday

For his 66th anniversary, Ricardo Salinas Pliego organized a contest to give away one million Mexican pesos.

TikTok User Reveals That Amazon Has Collected Thousands Of Short Voice Files About Her

This person claims that he found 3,534 voice files of himself, and other data.

Rozy, the virtual influencer who seeks to make millionaire profits

Without being flesh and blood, the South Korean digital influencer has achieved 100 endorsements and expects a profit of almost a million dollars.

Mysterious radio signals from the center of the Milky Way are detected

The nature of the emitting object is not known, since it does not coincide with anything known.

This young man posted his CV on a billboard and no one called him

After applying for 300 job offers, Chris Harkin spent about 11 thousand pesos to continue looking for work, but it did not turn out as expected.

They create an app to understand the feelings of the Michis

Attention Karens and male Karens! This platform will recognize the emotional state of your cat.

Tania Morales, the Mexican who made the English dance 'La Chona' and went viral

Not only did he make them move to the rhythm of the Tijuana Toucans, he also taught them steps with "La Vaca" and "La Bamba". Pure Latin rhythm!

Entrepreneurial mindset! Boy sells 'imaginary friends' at his school and earns 500 pesos in one day

Seven-year-old Jorge is a fan of the Shark Tank México program, which he can now only watch under supervision.

Waiter returns 168 thousand pesos in cash to a customer who forgot them at his table

Miguel Morales found a Carrefour bag full of money left behind by a frequent customer in a Buenos Aires restaurant.