Day of the Dead

The marigold! Vans launches a collection inspired by the Day of the Dead

The line is inspired by elements such as the marigold flower, the pan de muerto and the papel picado in a pattern that imitates the Mexican lottery.

Reebok presents its first sneakers inspired by the Day of the Dead

Sneakers that allude to death in an environment that pays tribute to the culture and symbolism of the Mexican tradition.

These are the 7 dates you will sell more before the end of the year

The last two months of the year is about to begin. Are you going to waste it or will you prepare a strategy to close 2022 with force?


Celebrate from home and compete in Foto Calavera 2020!

The Photo Skull 2020 contest seeks that smells and images are a tribute to our loved ones. Participate and win these prizes!

Tennis inspired by Day of the Dead? This is the new Nike collection

The models refer to two elements present in Mexican offerings: papel picado and marigold flowers.

Icnocuícatl, the Mexican poems by Cerveza Victoria to say goodbye to those who left without saying 'goodbye'

The Icnocuícatl was a poetic genre that the Mexica used to say goodbye to their dead to find resignation until they found them again in Mictlán.

The rarámuri hands that created the awards to the magical towns of the Best of Mexico 2020

Sinibí Jípe is the entrepreneurship of Rrámuri artisan women that was born in 2019.

6 financial tips to face the death of a loved one

Nobody wants to know about numbers and small letters when a relative dies, but they will not want to know about financial disasters to carry out the subsequent procedures.

10 'gruesome' ideas that turned into good business with death

We present you 10 ideas that found a sustainable business model in death.