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9 Rules for Successful Time Management

Before you throw yourself into work, consider these time management rules to avoid burnout.

Do Percentages Sell Better than Dollar Amounts?

Consider the perceived value of your offer before you launch your next sale.

3 Direct Mail Methods to Target Your Best Prospects

Make sure your marketing reaches the right customers every time.

Make Your Next Direct Mail Campaign Stand Out

When your postcard marketing campaign falls flat it may be time to try a dimensional mail campaign.

Write Better Ad Copy with This 1 Rule

Remember that you want to "sell the sizzle, not the steak."

4 Time Killers You Need to Eliminate

Identifying what drains your time for the least results is the first step to developing alternatives.

This Is How You Write Headlines That Hook 'em!

You can have the sharpest ad copy, but it won't reel in readers (nor land the sale) if they don't get past the headline.

3 Steps to Tracking the Success of Your Direct Mail Campaign

Tracking your mail after it's gone out is vital. Here are 3 tools to help you verify your success.

5 Tips for Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail should be a never-ending cycle of testing and learning. Are you ready to start?