Electronic Commerce

Hot Sale 2021: When is it and how to participate with your business?

Yes, you still have time to register your store in this campaign.

Nostalgia memes and marketing: 10 things that will be trending to sell more on the internet

These recommendations are for entrepreneurs who use the internet as their main sales channel.

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Electronic commerce: 4 tips to boost your business on the internet

Although digitization is an advantage over businesses that only offer physical sales, various businesses face the challenge of making their e-commerce stand out and generate the expected results.

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Combine your passions and skills with digital tools to have a different business

The creativity of an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur knows no limits, and offering your clients a plus or something unique can make a big difference.

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These Are the Retail Trends in Ecommerce for This Year

By July 2020, it was estimated that ecommerce in Mexico reached a development of 94%, while in the United States the percentage of online orders doubled to 40% during the quarantine.

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Amazon's 3P effect and 7 other changes in people's consumption

These are the behaviors that are changing the way consumers buy products online and the expectations they now have of this channel.

5 Recommendations To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Buyers

The world created by COVID-19 will force you to adapt shopping experiences to meet new consumer expectations.

5 Tips to Improve Your Online Store and Grow Your Business This New Year's Eve Season

Today, creating an online store can be considered one of the most important steps for any entrepreneur.

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5 Lessons Learned From Launching an Ecommerce Platform During the Pandemic

Customer experience is essential to generate online sales, along with these other cornerstone services.

WhatsApp and the New Shopping Cart: How Does It Work?

WhatsApp shopping carts will be available all over the world, they allow you to send orders easily.

Oxxo launches home delivery service to compete with Walmart

The convenience store has put functions in Mi Oxxo, an online sales platform.

Singles' Day Sales in China Hit $ 1 Billion in 85 Seconds for Alibaba

This happened despite the tariffs and other challenges to Chinese technology.

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