Elon Musk

Twitter CEO Breaks Silence on Exodus of Execs, Hiring Freeze and Musk Bid: 'We Need to Be Prepared for All Scenarios'

Parag Agrawal took to the social media platform to clear the air about an employee memo that was released last Thursday.

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Elon Musk's Ex-Wife Justine Musk on What She Learned Living With an Extreme Entrepreneurial Success

Justine Musk reveals what she observed, from her courtside seat, about those destined for great success.

The SEC is Investigating Elon Musk Over His Late Disclosure That He Had Purchased Twitter Stock, a Report Says

After buying up more than 5% of Twitter stock Musk should have filed a disclosure on March 24.

Elon Musk says the doors on Twitter are open for Donald Trump

The businessman referred again to freedom of expression on the platform and made a direct reference to Donald Trump.

'It's Been Nice Knowin Ya': Elon Musk Makes Bizarre Statement About His Death, Scaring Even His Own Mother

The Tesla CEO took to Twitter to make a cryptic statement about his potential impending death after receiving a threat from Russia's space chief.

Report: Elon Musk to Serve as Interim Twitter CEO Before Deal Closes

Musk's bid to buy the company is set to close by the end of 2022.

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Report: Elon Musk Aims to Make Twitter Public Again 'In a Few Years'

The billionaire's $44 billion pending acquisition of the company is expected to close by the end of this year.

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Bill Gates Surprisingly Praises Elon Musk Following Leaked Altercation: 'You Wouldn't Want to Underestimate Elon'

The billionaire sat down for an interview where he discussed what he hoped the future of Twitter might look like.

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