Enterprising Children

5 Simple Games To Give Kids An Excellent Financial Education From Home

48% of Mexican children obtain financial education from their parents, teach them to maintain healthy finances in a fun way through simple and homemade games.

Mairem Del Río

· 8 min read

How to encourage more entrepreneurs at an early age?

The new startups are led by young people with great ambition, a great wealth of technological tools, a lack of fear to make purchases and transactions online and an appetite to go where few have gone.

Samuel Salinas

· 5 min read

Students develop pre-filled syringe for vaccines

Young people seek to reduce the number of waste generated by the vaccination process.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 2 min read

A Young Girl Finished High School by the Time She Turned 8. Now, She's Studying for Two Degrees in Hopes of Becoming an Astronaut.

With a whopping IQ of 162, Adhara Pérez is an eight-year-old Mexican student who was recently accepted to the prestigious International Air and Space Program.

Entrepreneur en Español

· 4 min read

The Year's Biggest Event for Entrepreneurial Children and Adolescents Is Here

The 6th International BusinessKids Congress will take place from November 19 to 22 via online. Entrepreneur shares what to look forward to.

Marisol García Fuentes

· 5 min read

Puerto Rico's child entrepreneurship and its philosophy of changing the world

The fact of being at risk of poverty has not been an impediment for Julio and Kevier to create their own company to help the planet.

Alejandro Bazo Montoya

· 3 min read

6 programs to sow the entrepreneurial seed in your child

There are more and more disruptive models that are helping to change basic education. Learn how these proposals offer a different way of learning.

Ilse Maubert Roura

· 11 min read