Time Management

5 Terrific Tools That Track Time

It has been said that what gets measured gets improved. Why not apply that to how you spend your day?
Starting a Business

These 8 Groups of People Will Never Start a Business

Maybe you fall into one of these categories, so do everything you can to move beyond and become an entrepreneur.

4 Differences Between Solopreneurs and an Entrepreneur Working Alone

It isn't unusual for an entrepreneur to single-handedly launch a business. Solopreneurs won't have it any other way.

A Healthy Fear of Failure Makes Entrepreneurs More Likely to Succeed

Think of failure the way you think of cars when crossing a busy street. Believe you can be run over so you'll avoid it by watching out.
Personal Improvement

6 Ways to Enhance Your Mindset So You Can Take on Life's Challenges

Take charge of your mind. Grow and protect it with everything you have. All achievements, riches and happiness start in the mind.

3 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Entrepreneurship

The skills and character traits children can learn as little entrepreneurs will help them thrive their entire lives.

Meet the Entrepreneur Behind Kate Middleton's Maternity Style

Cecile Reinaud, founder of UK-based maternity line Seraphine, has already dressed British royalty and many of Hollywood's biggest stars.
Marissa Mayer

Mysterious Marissa Mayer: 5 Things You Might Not Know About the Yahoo CEO

Her cupcake obsession actually reveals a lot about how Mayer approaches the world.

How the World's First Bitcoin Charity Is Harnessing the Cryptocurrency to Change Lives (VIDEO)

BitGive, founded in 2013, partners with nonprofits in the public health and environmental sectors and solicits charitable donations from Bitcoin believers.
Real Estate

What Accidentally Buying Kurt Cobain's First House Taught Me

A real estate investor stumbled into a deal for the Nirvana singer's childhood home, which came with some free lessons.

The 5 Benefits of Being Optimistic

When running a business, as we all know, there will be difficult days, hard times and stressful periods.

7 Reasons Why 'Just Ask' Is the Best Negotiation Tactic

There's no big secret to getting what you want. You just have to make it known.
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