Women Entrepreneurs

How a 10-Minute Spot on QVC Turned This Woman Into a $100 Million Cosmetics Mogul

With a unique ability to weave visual backstories and touch untold masses, QVC can serve as a transformative vehicle for entrepreneurs.

Is Your Idea Actually Terrible? What to Know.

Our innovation experts discuss what all bad ideas have in common and how you can bounce back.

A YouTube Star's Fame Translates to Record-Breaking Book Sales

Zoe Sugg, known on YouTube as Zoella, finds success with her first novel.
Family Businesses

How This Mom Got the Kids to Buckle Up While She Launched Their Family Business

The frustration of fastening the seat belts of three youngsters in the back seat inspired an invention. Now the kids are part of the business.
Russell Simmons

Artists as Entrepreneurs: The Road to Art Basel With Russell Simmons

The music mogul discusses his mission to help emerging artists develop entrepreneurial skills.

An Exceptional Vision for Your Life Can Lead to Joy and Success

Take these three steps to help steer you in the right direction.
How To

Fix Your Approach to Get Work Tech Right

Experts share their approaches to adopting new tech tools.
Entrepreneur Mindset

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Be Optimistic About Uncertainty

The good thing about not being sure of anything, is that everything becomes possible.

7 Tricks to Write an Effective Cold Email

Reaching out to someone you haven't met doesn't have to be complicated, as long as you have something valuable for them.

To Manage Innovation, Manage Failure Better

Re-boot your mindset and your leadership to help new ideas flourish.
Project Grow

The Road Less Traveled: 5 Key Steps for Entrepreneurs to Stay the Course

Those who choose the road less traveled will find it's all too easy to get pulled off track. Here are some tips to help you remain focused.

11 Ways to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused

Here are a few tips that will help you concentrate better.

The 'Real Housewife' Who Is A Very Real Entrepreneur

Ramona Singer is known as one of the "Real Housewives of New York" on Bravo. She is also a hell of an inspirational entrepreneur.
Lean Startups

Prove Your Business Idea Will Succeed

Experts in innovation explain how to validate your business idea to ensure that it will gain traction.

The People Growing Rich In Sales Share These 5 Entrepreneurial Qualities

There is job called "sales rep'' but the people who excel at it treat it like their own business.
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