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Jason Fell

Director of the Entrepreneur Partner Studio

Test-Driving Your Dream Job

Oregon entrepreneur helps would-be entrepreneurs take their ideas for a spin before sealing the deal.

David Ferrell

· 6 min read

Boomers Lead the Way With Business Startups

Entrepreneurs in their 50s and 60s are becoming business owners faster than any other group.

Michelle V. Rafter

· 7 min read

How to Attract Corporate Sponsors

Use these nine tips to do what you love and find a company willing to foot the bill.

Eve Gumpel

· 6 min read

Rock Band Network Creates New Industries

Entrepreneurial musicians and programmers should benefit from these exciting new markets.

· 4 min read

10 Reasons Your Marketing Messages Stink

Don't alienate your market by making these detrimental mistakes.

Susan Gunelius

· 4 min read

Blending Science and Art

In Washington wine country, Bookwalter winery is producing elegant wines as they blend science and art.

· 3 min read

The Evolution of the Mobile Entrepreneur

A look at the milestones that made you the wired entrepreneur you are today.

Dan O'Shea

· 3 min read