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The Esquire Guy's Irreverent Rules for the Perfect Business Lunch

Before you dive right into the meal and your pitch, remember to skip the sandwiches and apps -- but keep a close eye on the plates. Here's why.

The Esquire Guy's Witty Guide to Collaboration

A quick, cheeky look at how to collaborate in business -- and not end up in a staring contest.

The Art of Small Talk for Business

A witty dissection of the art form that's so important in networking and making business connections.

A Small Talk Survival Guide for the Schmooze-Averse

Nice weather we're having, isn't it? The Esquire guy offers tips for making small talk.

Pitching: How to Paint a Quick Picture for Investors

To persuade investors to back your business, you must first start by conveying your belief in your message. The Esquire guy explains.
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What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About Public Speaking

How can you go from 'public speaking isn't my thing' to full-fledged confidence? The Esquire guy helps you step up to the podium.
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An Unconventional Guide to Public Speaking

Entrepreneur's Esquire Guy columnist Ross McCammon offers his unique take on the art and craft of public speaking. Hint: No hula-hoops.
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The Best Ways to Praise Your Employees

Praise in the workplace can be a powerful motivator. The Esquire Guy teaches us how to do it right. Hint: No bear hugs.
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Everything You Need to Know About Office Email Etiquette

Our Esquire Guy columnist offers his advice on key technical matters relating to email and not ruining your life.
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How to Make a Toast

Is it toasty in here or is it us? The Esquire Guy mulls over the perfect words to raise a glass to.
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How Do I Deliver a Really Good Toast at the Holiday Party?

The Esquire guy goes on a fact-finding mission to unearth the perfect words to accompany a hoist, whether it's to toast the accomplishments of employees or the tanking of a rival.
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Is There Proper Etiquette for Videoconferencing?

The Esquire guy tackles the subtle art of the video call, from where to look to which headset to wear to how loudly to speak to, well, whether or not pants are optional.
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An Entrepreneur's Guide to Brainstorming

Brainstorming meetings don't have to hurt your brain. Here's how to to lead an effective session for cultivating new ideas. Tip: Bring snacks. And beer.
Project Grow

What's the Secret to Better Brainstorming?

Ah, the brainstorming session--who came up with the idea for that, anyway? The Esquire guy offers up some advice on how to cultivate better concepts.

How to Dress the Part As an Entrepreneur

The T-shirt-and-hoodie set is changing the rules of dressing for work.