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DC Design Founder Dilip Chhabria's #4 Valuable Tips to Budding Entrepreneurs

'I became an entrepreneur to control and direct my own destiny.'

Nidhi Singh

The Leadership Challenge at Start-ups

The biggest hurdle that leaders at start-ups face is what I like to call mixing up 'Leadership Courage' with 'Bravado'

Private Company vs. LLP - Which is Better for You?

Unlike a private company, an LLP is not required to pay any dividend distribution tax and profits distributed and they are not liable to tax in the hand of the partners.

Saloni Shroff

Why Start-ups Need Branding

Even today, branding is seen as a later stage luxury, a nice-to-have thing as against a must-have

Alpana Parida

What Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Can Teach An Entrepreneur?

'BJJ is about survival; it emphasizes on defending self against larger and stronger opponents and ensure that you take minimal damage before launching your own attack.'

Matt Huttner

Identifying The Pain Points Of Today's Entrepreneurs

"It is important for entrepreneurs to understand that the process of starting a new business is significantly different from expanding it."

"Funding in Start–ups is Starting to Mature and Get More Diverse"

Efforts are being taken by all stakeholders of the ecosystem to make the process of starting up easier and more streamlined.

Rajat Tandon

Driving Entrepreneurship in a Multicultural Environment

Leadership development needs to be a process that cuts across levels.

Nandini Piramal

8 Ways To Ruin Your Early-Stage Start-up

If you're the founder of a start-up and you're the CEO, the responsibility for the success or failure is on your shoulders.

VC Investments in India and the US are Different

The investors were planning to invest in start-ups in dollars but now they are doing it in rupees.

You Can Become An Entrepreneur with the Desire to Solve Problems

I feel for an entrepreneur to fight the tide and follow his dreams; they have to be driven by their desire to solve problems that people have.

Sonam Wangchuk

Winter is Here From a Funding Perspective… and Will Continue

The last ten years have seen three mini cycles of waxing and waning of investor sentiment.

Vinod Murali