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The Best Time of Year to Find Investors

Turn up the heat on investors during the holiday season, when most companies take a break

· 4 min read

Year-End Tax Tips for 2005

Listen up as this small-business expert offers some 2005 tax advice you can still take advantage of.

Cliff Ennico

· 4 min read

How To Find Expansion Financing

Since your startup days, you've grown big and strong. Now you want to invest to grow even bigger. Here are the primary sources you can look to.

Mark Henricks

· 15+ min read

SCORE's Top Tax Tips

Get your taxes in order with these smart tax tips from SCORE.

· 2 min read

SCORE's Top Finance and Capital Tips

Get the money you need in order to run your business with these financing tips.

· 6 min read

Using Credit Cards to Fund Your Business

Know the risks you face before you take the plunge into credit-card debt.

Asheesh Advani

· 4 min read

A Guide to Community Development Financial Institutions

If your business in an economically distressed area, this special funding source could help you find money for your business.

· 3 min read