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Avoid Cash Squeezes With Smart Payment Policies

By closely monitoring the way you get paid, you can take control of your cash flow and avoid coming up short.

· 4 min read

The ABCs of Online Sales Tax

Find out exactly what you should be charging--and paying--when conducting business online.

Cliff Ennico

· 5 min read

6 Sources of Bootstrap Financing

Whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for years, if you need cash, consider these bootstrapping ideas.

· 13 min read

Should You Hire Someone To Raise Money For You?

Our startup financing expert offers tips on dealing with financing consultants, brokers and money finders.

Asheesh Advani

· 4 min read

Beware the New Tax Shelter Rules

Tax shelters come under increased scrutiny.

Joan Szabo

· 2 min read

Paying Yourself: From Startup and Beyond

Determining your salary is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a business owner. Here's how to do it.

· 14 min read

Protect Your Business in a Divorce

Own a business and plan to get married soon? Consider adding a prenuptial agreement to your wedding plans.

Debra Neiman, CFP

· 5 min read

What Investors Look For in a Plan

From venture capitalists to angel investors, here's what your business plan needs to include to catch the eye of startup investors.

Tim Berry

· 5 min read

Should First Investors Get Extra Compensation?

Our startup financing expert offers tips on providing incentives for your first investors.

Asheesh Advani

· 4 min read

Stay in Touch

Have all the financial information you need right at your fingertips, and you'll always know the right move to make.

Mike Hogan

· 5 min read

Is It Time to Raise Prices?

To keep up with increasing costs--and big competitors' prices--more small businesses are pulling the trigger on the pricing gun.

C.J. Prince

· 4 min read

The Right Fit

Looking for capital? A boutique private equity group could be the perfect funding partner for your small business.

David Worrell

· 6 min read