Finance - Page: 394

At What Price?

Find out which cost-cutting ideas will help your business-and which will hurt it.

Nichole L. Torres

· 4 min read

Reducing Your Overall Tax Bill

Save money by hiring family members and independent contractors.

· 4 min read

License to Profit

Could licensing your intellectual property provide the extra capital you've been looking for?

David Worrell

· 6 min read

Outsourcing Your Payroll

If handling payroll by yourself has become a hassle, maybe it's time to go with an outside service.

Mark Henricks

· 4 min read

What to Pay Yourself

It's your business. You get paid what you want, right? Not quite. Here's what you need to take into consideration before setting your salary.

· 4 min read

Managing Your Cash Flow

Figure out where your money is going so you can avoid a cash crunch--and business failure.

Keith Lowe

· 5 min read

Why Lenders Like Funding Business Acquisitions

Buying an existing business may get lenders on your side faster than building from scratch.

Crystal Detamore-Rodman

· 7 min read

Attract Investors by Sharing the Risk

Investors will be more willing to finance your business if you're also putting money into the venture.

· 5 min read

Finding Equity Investors

Try this method for bringing equity investors to your business.

David Newton

· 5 min read

Choosing the Right Financial Professional

With advice from an expert, we can help you figure out just who you need to assist you with the financial side of your business.

Cliff Ennico

· 3 min read

Setting the Right Price

How to balance costs and profits when charging for the items you sell

Rosalind Resnick

· 5 min read

Pay Dirt!

Finally making a profit? Put it where it belongs--back in your business. Our experts tell you how.

Geoff Williams

· 12 min read