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Don't Let Sweat Equity Create 'Phantom Income'

How to set up an LLC without creating taxable income for your sweat-equity partner

Cliff Ennico

The Truth (About Loans) is Out There

We found three bankers who actually want to make loans to small businesses. Here's what they have to say.

Carol Tice

The Basics of Startup Financing

How to get your business off the ground with cash from several startup sources.

Ameen Khwaja

A Silver Lining for Small-Business Financing?

Experts say money may be coming back to the market but not at pre-downturn levels.

New Retirement Rules: What You Need to Know

Socking away retirement funds is becoming more expensive for small-business owners and employees.

Diana Ransom

Get Back in the Black

Strategies to help struggling entrepreneurs dig out of debt

Are Your Books in Order?

Avoid tax-time headaches with these organizational tips.

Bonnie Lee

Learn to Survive Setbacks

Advice from the startups that turned mistakes into opportunities for success

Eve Tahmincioglu

Find the Right Car in 10 Steps

Advice to help you select, price, locate and test-drive the vehicle that's best for you

Microfranchising the Developing World

Microfranchising helps create a business model for distributing glasses in poor nations.

Jason Daley

The Investor as Visual Learner

For maximum impact and interest, give potential investors something to play with.

Brad Feld