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The Many Benefits of Forming an LLC

A closer look at why this legal structure can be good for business.

David Meier

Commercial Break

When banks can't give you the funds you need, look to commercial finance companies for help.

Does Your Estate Plan Need a Disclaimer Provision?

Make sure your family gets what it needs by including a disclaimer provision in your estate plan.

Negotiating Private Lender Credit Terms

When working with a private lender vs. a commercial bank, there are different considerations to keep in mind.

David Newton

The Other Colors of Money

If banks and VCs are out of your financial picture, don't despair. These 3 alternative sources of capital could provide the funding you're looking for.

David Worrell

Money to Burn?

Before you go on a spending spree with your surplus cash, get your priorities straight.

C.J. Prince

Making Your Estate Plan Flexible

Build flexibility into your estate plan so heirs can avoid the pitfalls of changing tax laws.

Getting Money to Grow

Where to go for funding when you're ready to move beyond the startup stage

Gisela M. Pedroza

Money-Saving Startup Deductions

Tips for handling startup business expenditures at tax time

David Meier

Best Sources for Homebased Expansion Capital

Consider your options when raising money for your homebased business.

50 Ways to Save Money in Your Business

Save your company thousands of dollars with these penny-pinching tips.

Catch Your Cash

If it feels like your cash only flows in one direction--out--then cash-management basics can help.

C.J. Prince