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Back to Basics: Trends Shaping Franchising

Value. Affordability. Service. That's the winning combination for success in this year's Franchise 500.

The Top 10 Franchises of 2011

Welcome a new No. 1 and the return of an American institution.

Jason Daley

Understanding the Franchise 500 Ranking

How Entrepreneur compiles its megalist of the world's top franchise systems.

Ameen Khwaja

The Top 10 Franchises of 2011 (Slideshow)

A look at the systems that have earned their bragging rights.

Ameen Khwaja

30 Years of the Franchise 500

From McDonald's to Subway, see how franchises have changed with the times.

2010 Franchise 500 Top 10

Everything From Footlongs to Fill-ups

Ameen Khwaja

Franchising Hot Spots

Which franchise categories hold the most promise for 2009? We break it down and give you the first look.

Sara Wilson

The Anatomy of an FDD

We break down your most tedious--and valuable--franchise research tool into digestible bites.

Jeff Elgin

How to Research a Franchise

One of the most important parts of buying a franchise is doing your homework. So get out there and grill the people who know the franchise best.

Carol Tice

Top 10 Franchises for 2009

Here's how this year's biggest franchise players stack up.

Ameen Khwaja

2009 Franchise 500 Top 10

Read up on this year's franchise power players.

Ameen Khwaja

The Big Bang

How franchising became an economic powerhouse the world over