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Franchise Players

Turning a Mom-and-Pop Business into a Franchise That Serves 14 States

In 9 years, Vincent Lee took a small janitorial business and turned it into a franchise that provides services for huge companies including Nike and FedEx.
Franchise Players

You're Either an Entrepreneur or You're Not. There Is No In-Between.

Shahid Hashmi is an entrepreneur through and through, as the franchisee of 40 Popeye's, two Burger Kings and one ZIPS Dry Cleaning.
Franchise Players

How These Subway Owners Decided to Open a Teriyaki Madness Franchise

This husband and wife duo already own 16 Subway franchises. Now, they're expanding into the Asian grill market.
Franchise Opportunities

To Find the Right Franchise, Test Drive More Than One

Selecting a franchise is an enormous decision. Take a look at several, and consider your own skills and goals, before choosing.
Franchise Players

How I Protect the Environment as a Green Cleaning Franchisee

For Lindsay Dellasega, EcoMaids is the perfect combination of sustainable living and entrepreneurship.
Franchise Players

Why Business Ownership Is an Exercise in Personal Development

This franchisee coaches others to follow in her entrepreneurial footsteps.

Oreo Biscuits Are the Latest Food Mashup

Atlanta-based Church's Chicken is hopping onto the fast-food mashup bandwagon for the first time.
Franchise Players

Franchise Owners: Tell Us Your Story

Some of the best advice for those looking to buy a franchise comes from those who have done it themselves. Here's your chance to help.
Franchise Players

Helping Cancer Survivors as a Spa Franchisee

As a Hand & Stone spa franchisee, Julie Bulatovic spearheaded a program to provide oncology treatments to people with cancer and their families.

Will Tesla Have to Franchise?

Elon Musk has hinted that Tesla may be considering a departure from the direct sales model, something industry insiders consider inevitable.
Franchise Players

This Wings-Loving Regular Became a Franchisee to Save His Favorite Restaurant From Closing Up Shop

When Chad Ragland heard the restaurant's owners were selling their Wild Wing Cafe location, he knew he had to take action.
Franchise Players

An Artist Opens Up Her Own Paint-and-Sip Franchise

Working as an artist instructor at a Pinot's Palette studio convinced Emma Harvey to establish her own location.

The Big Lessons I Learned From My First Entrepreneurial Job

A painting enterprise during college provides illuminating insights for a business leader.
Burger King

Burger King Introduces Another Stomach-Turning Burger in Japan

A burger topped with berries is the latest of Burger King Japan's bizarre fast food offerings.
Franchise Players

Why I Left My Fast-Food Operations Job to Open a Franchise of My Own

After 34 years in the restaurant industry, Bryan Rhodes decided to open his own Window Genie franchise.