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Benefits of the Replicating Website

How technology is changing the face of network marketing companies

Different Worlds

How to choose between a franchise and a business opportunity

Andrew A. Caffey

Franchisees and Licensees--What's the Difference?

Think franchisees and licensees are the same? Our Franchise & Business Opportunities Experts explain how they're not.

Kay Marie Ainsley

Proceed With Caution

Not sure about that franchise opportunity? Our Start-Up Legal Expert offers a few pointers on how to weed out the bad and the good.

Carlotta Roberts

To Be Or Not To Be?

Our Franchise and Business Opportunities Experts help you decide whether or not to franchise your business.

Kay Marie Ainsley

Small Bucks

Not every franchise comes with a McDonald's-sized price tag.

For The Kids

One retail store adopts a sense of responsibility.

P. Kelly Smith

What A Ride!

A new president shifts Cottman Transmissions into high gear.

Trial And Error

Thinking about buying a new franchise opportunity? Our Franchise and Business Opportunities Experts outline the risks and rewards of being the first franchisee in a franchise system.

Kay Marie Ainsley

Building Online Community

Forum for sharing information

Aliza P. Sherman

The Essential Privacy Policy

Let your visitors know what you plan to do with their personal information.

Aliza P. Sherman

It's All Greek To Me

Resources to help you understand Net lingo

Aliza P. Sherman