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Digital Marketing Agencies' Rates and Services Cost Less Than You Think

An Entrepreneur contributor wanted to know what digital content work costs these days. So she asked.

How I Tripled My Salary in Less Than One Year After Getting Fired

This Entrepreneur contributor also rejected bad clients, set his own hourly rates and worked at something he loved.

Han-Gwon Lung

How to Screen Freelance Writers

You want to work with freelancers who really know the material and can be counted on to deliver a high-quality finished product.

Kaleigh Moore

6 Must-Dos When Hiring a Freelancer

Make sure both parties understand up-front exactly what's needed.

Jonathan Long

Court Denies Uber's Request to Appeal Class-Action Status of U.S. Driver Lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed by drivers who wish to be deemed employees.


How to Deal With 4 Types of Impossible Clients

Just because a client is difficult doesn't mean you can't keep him or her happy.

Matt Keener

6 Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Bad Hire

Don't let recruiting mistakes cost your bottom line.

Brian Sutter

5 Essentials for Freelancers to Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Nobody cares how hard you work. People only care how much you get done.

John Rampton

The 5 Ws of Outsourcing Your Company's Content Creation

Content creation can get a bit out of hand, especially if you've made the brave decision to outsource some of the work. Trying to keep quality high, content on time and projects organized feels like a full-time job.

Aaron Agius

5 Tasks Entrepreneurs Are Better Off Outsourcing

The smart move is focus on growing your business and hire talented freelancers for everything else.

Using Slack to Build a Referral Network

Freelancers are finding Slack is a great place to build up a profitable referral network and earn some income.

Kaleigh Moore

Mike Rowe: Freelancing Embodies the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Just because you don't have aspirations to grow a company with massive scale doesn't mean you aren't an entrepreneur, the TV personality says.

Jason Fell