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Web3 Could See Its Own Dot-Com Boom. Here's How To Survive The Bust.

The Web3 movement can learn a lot from Enron or Theranos, but history tells us it won't. In the absence of honesty, here's 3 tips to keep your Web3 investment from tanking.

Shafin Tejani

Coupa Software Hits Bottom But What Comes Next? 

Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP) is a cloud-based SaaS company offering business-spend services worldwide. The company’s services got a boost from the pandemic and have been in high demand but one...

Thomas Hughes

Why a Self-Aware Leader Is a Good Leader

Leaders need to be self-aware before they can become effective.

Ed Rankin

The Win Lose Trap We Face in the Office

Inclusive leaders acknowledge and embrace both competition and collaboration.

Campbells Soup Company High-Yield Goes On Sale 

Campbells Soup Company (NYSE: CPB) is among the more attractive consumer discretionary stocks and its shares just went on sale. The stock is trading at only 15X its earnings while...

Thomas Hughes

How Jasmin Foster's Black Woman-Owned Stationery Brand Is Bringing DEI to Target

We spoke with Foster, whose BeRootedco.com is the first Black woman-owned stationery brand to make it on the retail giant's shelves, about shaking up her industry and keeping diversity, equity and inclusion top of mind.

Nika White

REV Group Grinds Its Gears On Supply Chain Headwinds

REV Group (NYSE: REVG) released its Q1 results and one thing is glaringly clear; supply chain constraints continue to impact both the top and bottom lines. This issue has the...

Thomas Hughes

The Investing Strategy That Can Lower Risk in Your Portfolio

A growing number of investors are turning to factor-based strategies for their potential.

Jay Lipman

The Unexpected Parallels Between Dating and Angel Investing

It's no secret that love and money dictate how we spend our time.

shawn miller

The Must-Ask Question to Protect You and Your Team from Isolation

The pursuit of convenience has many workers snarled in a loneliness trap.

Ryan Jenkins

Salesforce Moves Higher Despite Series Of Price Target Reductions

The analysts still love Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM) despite the round of price target reductions it just received. The company reported a stellar quarter and raised its guidance but the analyst...

Thomas Hughes

Fintech in 2022 and Beyond: 'Balloon' or 'Bubble'?

This restlessly vigorous sector's growth shows few signs of slowing, but should investors be worried?