What Businesses Need to Know about the Google Ad Changes for Data Privacy and Enhanced Conversions

Google is capable of collecting mountains of pertinent data, but users are increasingly concerned about their privacy.

South Korea becomes first country to force Apple and Google to accept alternative payment methods

The law known locally as "anti-Google" will prevent developers from being forced to use only the App Store and Google Play payment systems

Google Meet will now warn you if you are causing an echo

The platform will add a text notification that says "you are causing an echo, find help here".

Google presents the first edition of a program to help Mexican SMEs to sell online

The objective of "Grow your sales with Google" is to support more than 30 thousand SMEs during their economic recovery process.

The 'Joker' Virus Has Returned to Android: It Can Empty Your Bank Accounts Without You Noticing It and It Is Hidden in These Apps in the Google Play Store

The 'Joker' virus hides in several apps on the Google Play Store and the user does not realize it until their bank accounts are emptied. See how this malware operates and what are the dangerous applications.

YouTube will stop working on these mobile devices

And that's why every so often we have to change teams.

Google confirms when and why it will remove 'sugar daddies' dating apps from its Play Store

Very soon dating apps specialized in connecting 'sugar daddies' with young women will disappear from the Google Play Store, see why.

What Google's Latest Update Reveals About the Most Important Ranking Factors

The latest Google algorithm update shook things up. Here's what we learned.

George Kocher

Google Employees Who Choose to Work From Home Could Get a Salary Cut

Similar moves are being tested by several companies in Silicon Valley.

How Decentralized Can the Internet Get?

Currently, just four companies -- including Google, Amazon and Microsoft -- control 67% of the server centers powering the apps and services you use every day.

Ariel Shapira

Why Google's Search Page Redesign Is the Death of SEO

It's clear they only care about maximizing clicks to paid advertisers.

George Deeb

In a cloud-first world, preparation will be key

For students, entering the job market better equipped means mastering the cloud.

Camila Frías