Grow Your Business - Page: 278

An Offer They Can't Refuse

Our Employee Management Expert shows you how to compete with the big guys when attracting and retaining employees.

Aubrey C. Daniels

Avoiding a Too-Early Succession

Hand your kids a key to the business too early, and you could unlock the wrong attitude.

Getting Management Help From the Next Generation

In order to roll with the times, family business leaders must rely on people other than themselves-their successors.

Business Mentoring for Your Kids

Nonfamily mentors may be the best way to prepare the next generation.

Choosing Managers for Your Overseas Operations

The right local manager for your overseas office can boost international business.

Mark Henricks

Creating a Strategic Plan for Growth

Before focusing on succession, develop a strategic plan for growing the company.

Workplace Transparency Is a Boon, If Your Company Culture Is Built on Trust

Ubiquitous social media makes many companies nervous but many others, with the best corporate culture, find what employees say about them if the finest branding possible.

China Gorman