Growth Strategies

Project Grow

Lessons From 3 Lesser-Known Presidents

What entrepreneurs can glean from William Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes and William McKinley.
Growth Strategies

The Secret to Keeping Customers Engaged

Jordan Zimmerman of Zimmerman Advertising tells you how to get new clients.
Reputation Management

4 Key Metrics In Repairing Your Reputation Online

It only takes one mistaken tweet to obliterate years of good deeds.

8 Ways to Not Only Survive But Prosper Around Negative People

Negativity will happen especially in times of stress. Use these tactics to turn those frowns upside down.
Entrepreneur Network

3 Steps to Qualify a Sales Lead

Lead-generation expert Alex Berman outlines the ways to define a sure-bet deal.

How One Toy Company Gets Open Innovation Right

If you want to license your ideas, focus on finding those companies that are going to truly embrace you -- companies like Fat Brain.
Take It From The Pros

Why Vulnerability, Authenticity and Love Are 3 Must-Haves for Entrepreneurs

It can seem uncomfortable to talk about these things in a business article, but the truth is -- that's where all the magic happens.
Sales Strategies

6 Sales Secrets to Turn a Rookie Into a Sales Superstar

Here's a tip: You're a consultant, not a salesperson. So, figure out what you're really selling.

6 Things Millennials Have Taught Me About Real Estate

Question the way things are done. Get experimental. Embrace technology. So go the mantras of the younger generation.
Entrepreneur Network

Understand Impermanence, and Be Happier

Realize that everything is temporary -- even the most important things in life.
TED Talks

4 TED Talks to Help You Save Time and Get More Done at Work

Don't look now, but the clock is ticking. Quick -- take the time to find out how to get more done in less time.

Not Offering Flex Time? You're in Trouble.

Here are a few of the key issues companies face when considering moving to more flex time and how to execute it in a way that keeps employees happy while emphasizing productivity.
Inspiring Your Team

How Marking Milestones Boosts Employee Productivity

Bring your company story to life by celebrating progress and sharing your company history.
Inspiring Your Team

7 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees

What are you doing to encourage creative innovation?
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