Growth Strategies

Take It From The Pros

11 Ways to Bake Innovation -- Not Disruption -- Into Your Culture

Here's how to ensure everything is in order inside the box before you start shaking it up.
International Business

3 Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs Should Be Watching and How to Approach Them

Here are three promising countries that offer entrepreneurs inviting business climates and rich opportunities.

Bring Out Your Inner Genius and Exercise That Creative Muscle

Don't listen to the myth that only a select few can be creative geniuses.

Dingy Basements and Cluttered Garages. How Startup Spaces Inspire Office Design.

The 'unintentional design' of today's makeshift startup spaces might inspire innovation at your organization, too.

What the Amish Can Teach You About Building a Successful Business

Nothing grows a business like remembering good, old fashioned principles.
Inspiring Your Team

4 Ways Just Getting Ready to Hire an Assistant Helps Entrepreneurs

The necessity of explaining a startup's system to a new assistant is often when founders realize how disorganized they really are.

Don't Declare War. Respect Competitors, and Capitalize on Your Own Strengths.

Here are eight ways to stop denigrating your competition and start using it to your advantage.

Create the Strongest Patent Possible With These 5 Tips

Your patent attorney is your next best friend -- but only if you put in the hard work first.

The 9 Advantages of Franchising

Is franchising right for you? Get the skinny on the nine things franchising offers that may benefit your business.
Human Resources

3 Destructive Employee Syndromes No Boss Can Tolerate

Mostly, it's good when people take ownership of their jobs but, taken to an extreme, it turns toxic.
Business Moving Forward

5 Productivity Tips I Learned From Uber and Other Silicon Valley Superstars

Entrepreneurs who make it big avoid distractions and multitasking. They are masters of focus.
Growth Strategies

9 Quotes on Growth From Leaders of Young, Hot Companies

These takeaways were all said at The New Web's recent conference in New York City.
Entrepreneur Network

Need a Last-Minute Trick for Conquering Stage Fright? Do the Penguin.

Impromptu Guru Jill Schiefelbein shows you how to quell those butterflies before the big speech with this simple technique.

How to Prepare Your Business for an Initial Public Offering

Know when an IPO makes sense and how to get ready for your first.
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