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Growth Strategies

Take It From The Pros

What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company (Infographic)

The Golden Arches just wouldn't communicate the same thing if they were purple.
Real Estate

Rent or Sell? What to Do When You Leave Your Home.

Here are seven questions to ask yourself when you make this life-changing transition.
Entrepreneur Network

The Simpler the Better for Big Ideas

Evan Carmichael says that one word can express your idea more powerfully than any complicated concept.
Take It From The Pros

The Only Thing Not to Fear Is Success Itself

But so many entrepreneurs have this deep-seated fear. Here are seven ways to over come it and other fears associated with it.
Team Work

The 10 Types of Superheroes in Every Office. Which One Are You? (Infographic)

Do you recognize yourself among any of these masked work-crushing avengers?
Team Work

4 Rules to Avoid the Game of Telephone When Leading a Virtual Team

The worst thing about working in a virtual environment is having your original message get completely misconstrued through ineffective communication channels.
Human Resources

3 Keys to Hiring for Growth

Entrepreneurs who take a strategic approach to hiring find abundant talent.

How Startups and Legacy Companies Can Both Cash In on Market Trends

What service or product can you provide to companies looking to ride the next big wave to sweep through a consumer market?
Run a Better Business

Limor Fried of Adafruit: Your Cause Should Be the Engine That Drives Your Company Forward

The founder and CEO of the engineering kits manufacturer says that the company's goal of inspiring future makers makes 'management so easy.'
Holiday Parties

8 Ways Holiday Movies Prepare Us for Office Soirees

Don't let the Ghost of Holiday Parties Past haunt you and your professional reputation -- forever.
Entrepreneurial Psychology

Train Your Brain to See Better Choices Than Fight-or-Flight

Viewing circumstances in the most plausibly optimistic way possible expands what we see as possible.
New Year's Resolution

4 Questions To Help Create Your New Year's Resolutions

What got your employees' juices really flowing this year? Helpful hint: Do more of whatever that was.
Customer Service

Good Customer Service Is Your Best Holiday Marketing Investment (Infographic)

The team member talking to the customer is really the most important person in your company. At least to the customer.
Inspiring Your Team

How Does Company Culture Actually Lead to Success?

Consider Google's simple mission statement which says, 'Don't be evil.'
Project Grow

5 Ways Children Can Teach You How to Keep the Dream Alive

Here are lessons we can learn from the little ones to keep going no matter what in the pursuit of success.