Growth Strategies


Facebook Just Gave Small Businesses a Bunch of New Tools

Pages is getting a mobile overhaul in an effort to better tailor how users interact with the companies on the site. It also potentially means more ad sales for the social giant.

5 Reasons to Hire a Military Spouse

Adaptable? Check. Able to deal with stress? Check. Ready to align with a vision? Check.
Sales Strategies

10 Pricing Strategies That Can Drastically Improve Sales

Utilizing smart pricing strategies when selling products, services or subscriptions is a must to succeed in a competitive marketplace.
Inspiring Your Team

6 Ways You Can Win at Office Politics

The key is to understand the players and the rules and then to play the game in a way that aligns with your personal values and principles.

Why 'Smarketing,' or Integrated Sales-and-Marketing Strategy, Is the Future for Small Business

Sales and marketing have the same goal, to increase revenue. Isn't it time they worked together?

Lagunitas IPA Founder Cites Nietzsche in Blog Post About Heineken Deal

Heineken has acquired a 50 percent stake in craft brewer Lagunitas.
Creative Entrepreneur

8 Psychology Hacks to Increase Your Creativity and Productivity

Sometimes, to accomplish your goals, you just need to change how you think and behave.
Online Business

You Can Have the Best Website Ever, But It Won't Be a Successful Business Without Customers

If you don't have any traffic to your page or subscribers to your email list, all of your efforts won't get you the results you're striving for.

Use the 80/20 Principle to Build a Successful Outsourced Sales Team

Four tips from Steli Efti, who runs the company that created software-as-a-service customer-relation-management and communications tool
Closing a Business

3 Signs That You Should Shut Down Your Business

It's not an easy decision, but sometimes circumstances dictate it's the right thing to do.

The Secret Ingredient That Helped This Company Get Its Products on Shelves

The co-founder of Blind Barber explains how he got his products on the shelves of big-name stores.
Employee Retention

Why New-Hire Experience Matters, and 6 Things You Need to Do

Long tenure is a thing of the past, while poor retention rates still challenge HR.

The Cure to Working Too Much on Your Growing Business

If you find yourself spending more than 60 hours a week on work, there's only two solutions: shrink your business or delegate your responsibilities.
Performance Reviews

5 Tips for Gracefully Accepting Constructive Criticism

Performance feedback, especially the negative kind, is an invaluable gift. No, really.
Inspiring Your Team

4 Ways to Establish a Strong Culture Without Sacrificing Startup Success

Your culture should help you strike a balance with financial concerns. But it shouldn't be dominant.
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