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Growth Strategies


Kickstarter Boldly Locks Its Mission Into Its Legal Framework

The Brooklyn, N.Y.-based crowdfunding platform announced that it is now a public benefit corporation.
Employee Retention

4 Essentials for Earning the Commitment of Employees You Need to Keep

Employees commit to employers who commit to them and abandon those that won't.
Inspiring Your Team

5 Ways to Make Your Office Millennial Friendly

Your company can no longer afford to ignore what this demographic wants.
Setting prices

When You're Comfortable With Your Prices It's Time to Start Charging More

Raising prices is raising the bar on the value you will deliver to the people you're asking to pay you.
Take It From The Pros

How to Get Luckier in Business and Life

By adopting an attitude of curiosity and humility, entrepreneurs can stack the odds in their favor that their interactions with diverse people will pay off over time.
Inspiring Your Team

As Your Startup Grows, Here Is Who to Hire When (Infographic)

Should you hire an head of marketing, operations director or HR manager first?

Uber's Surge Pricing Is a Good Thing for Customers, Uber Study Says

The company says surge pricing is about keeping customers happy, not about greed.

6 Ways to Demonstrate Kindness in Business and the Rest of Your Life

It pays to be nice because what goes around really does come around.
Growth Strategies

5 Enjoyable Weekend Habits That Set You Up for Success

Make a clean break from work to reflect upon and enjoy what you're working for. Everything else will still be there Monday morning.

What to Do Next When You Know Your Business Is Here to Stay

Launching a business can be scary and bewildering. Once you get past that stage, it's often just bewildering.
Strategic Planning

The One Question That Can Transform Your Business

Are you prepared to ask it? If yes, then ready, set, go for it.
Growing a Business

The 10 Best States to Start a Small Business

A new survey examines state and city governments are the friendliest to growing companies.
Take It From The Pros

Unlikely Lessons From Building a Multi-Million Dollar Social Business

In his book, Daniel Lubetzky explains how he found a way for KIND Snacks' business objectives to live in harmony with its social objectives.

5 Inexpensive Workspace Improvements That Boost Productivity

Don't underestimate how much natural light, a few house plants and some fresh paint can brighten the bottom line.