Growth Strategies

The Grind

To Grow Your Customer Base Focus on EOA: Early, Often and Always

When your company is small and new, it's the first customers to sign on who can make or break your business.
Customer Service

Becoming Indispensable to Your Customers

Your approach to value creation must begin with, be in partnership with and end with the customer
Women Entrepreneurs

Feeling a Lack of a Close Shave, She Invented a Solution

An entrepreneur goes after a niche in the women's razor market.

8 Pointers for Setting a Price in Negotiations

This numeric value is super critical as it affects the profit you'll get from a deal.

Create a Corporate Mentoring Program and You May Reap the Benefits

The benefits of having experienced employees train those with less expertise are many.

Ask These 7 Questions to Get the Honest Feedback You Need

Friends and colleagues will be politely reluctant to tell you your product has problems, unless you ask in a way that makes it safe to be honest.
Impact Investing

For Warby Parker, Free Glasses Equals Clear Company Vision

The glasses company is the latest example of a successful 'buy-one-give-one' business model.

Uber's Nightmare Scenario

A look at how everything could go wrong for the world's hottest new company.
Inspiring Your Team

6 Selling Points About Working for a Small Startup

Your fledging company can compete for the best employees by marketing its newness to its advantage.

4 Meeting Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Time

Even a productive session can go awry. Here's how to keep unwanted scenarios to a minimum.
Sales Strategies

How to Tell the Difference Between a Hot Lead and a Dud

Always make sure your prospects have an assignment. Without one, they aren't invested in the solution.
Employee Morale

4 Ways Encouraging Employee Engagement Improves the Bottom Line

Employees who are enthusiastic for their work make companies more profitable but those who aren't drive costs that are hard to measure.
Inspiring Your Team

Tesla Takes Big Bite of Apple's Staff With Over 150 Total Poaches

As cars become more like computers, automakers are increasingly looking to plunder Silicon Valley's top engineers.
Customer Retention

10 Ways to Keep Making Your Clients Happier and Happier

Research and common sense agree. The least expensive and most effective marketing is retaining the clients you already have.
Project Grow

3 Steps to Getting Good Press

An expert in PR offers his best advice for attracting media attention.
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