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For marketers and business owners, learning how to write a blog can be a powerful marketing tool. Writing a blog not only creates content -- whether it’s service-oriented or anecdotal -- which can be used in a variety of marketing strategies, such as serving as content for email newsletters or providing a call-to-action. Blogging establishes a digital footprint and can position you as an industry expert. You can blog for your own company’s site, social-media sites like LinkedIn or pitch posts to established sites in your industry, such as

Blog basics:

  • To write a blog, you must have a user account on a blogging platform or content management system, such as WordPress, LinkedIn or Tumblr.

  • Choose a topic -- or many topics -- and write and publish content regularly.

  • Promote your blog’s content -- and in doing so, your brand -- by engaging with readers through the comments section or on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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