These #6 Indian, State-led Incubators are Helping Start-ups Kick off

Almost every business school has taken a step forward in forming an incubation center for aspiring student entrepreneurs, geared up to build their own start-ups.

Nidhi Singh

IIM Culture: Alumni Reveal What Makes It a Breeding Ground for Industry Bigwigs

IIM alumni talk about their experience at the institute and how it has helped them hone their entrepreneurial skills

Sneha Banerjee

Spotting Entrepreneurs is a Fairly Multi-faceted Process Says IIM Professor

Several students also take up project courses aimed at validating their business models or designing a go-tomarket strategy for their planned ventures

Sneha Banerjee

Last Minute Tips Before Writing CAT

Keep these last minute tips in mind in order to save you from pressure situations:

Rahul Rai

Placement Blues: What Ivy-League Colleges Should Keep In Mind Prior To the Next Recruitment Season

"Ask the companies to discuss their current financials and risks during the Pre-Placement Presentation"

Sneha Banerjee

10 Reasons Why Graduates Prefer Getting Hired By A Startup

The moment you hear about a startup a huge pay package and stock options comes to your mind!

Satyam Sinha

Move Over Me-Too Ventures, This Academic Incubator Values Uniqueness

"We do not incubate ventures that are adopting a "proven business model" from elsewhere in the world to India"

Sneha Banerjee

Does An A-League Institute Guarantee Entrepreneurial Success?

An A-league institute gives you access to the best of netowrks

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