Indian Angel Network

Cora Health Raises INR 4.6 Crore In Seed Funding

The startup will use the funds to deepen its tech and engineering capabilities

What Led IAN To Fund This Bengaluru-Based Kid Startup

This kid's startup is a one-stop-shop for videos, games, photographs, gifts, and toys for both education and learning.

Samiksha Jain

Beyond 'Angelic' - The Investors' Side Of The Story

Despite backing so many start-ups in the last 10 years or so, in most of which they even got their fingers burnt, these angels along with new ones on the block now have an even bigger task ahead – to make the ecosystem as big as the Silicon Valley in the least time.

Sandeep Soni

Angel Funding: A small ticket to big growth

What India needs now is large volume of small ticket size funding to create more entrepreneurs.

Padmaja Ruparel