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RCEP put on backburner. Will it affect business ties?

The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be hosting Indian-ASEAN Business Summit which will see participation from five out of 10 RCEP countries

Role of Behavioural Change and the Future of SaaS-based Start-ups in India

While the potential is huge, it requires a certain rigour and focus to scale up

Sudarsan Rao

2 Reasons Why Walmart CEO Pled PM Modi for Stable Business Environment

Changes in foreign direct investment norms for web based market places toward the end of last year had disturbed Walmart-owned Flipkart and Amazon, and constrained them to update their plans of action.

Vinayak Sharma

What Does The 7th Pay Commission of Modi Govt. has for the J&K and Ladakh Employees

7th Pay commission of Modi govt has many allowances for the employees of J&K and Ladakh

Vinayak Sharma

2 Reasons How US-China Business Tension Would Benefit Indian Economy

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that amidst growing trade tensions between US and China, India can turn out to be the favorable destination for MNCs moving out of China

Vinayak Sharma

Can University –Industry Linkage be helpful for Indian Business Growth

Indian government has forged ahead with various schemes to lure private sectors in order to bring CSR contribution for growing Indian economy substantially

Vinayak Sharma