Influencers Inc 2022

"Competition is for Horses, Not for Artists"

D'sa sticks to her own branding and works by principles

Deepa Vaidya

"You Have to Be Real and Show Who You are as A Person"

Contemplating content on bringing up a child in the internet generation

Deepa Vaidya

Prajakta Koli: Insanity Personified

There's a strong chance that I don't know what I'm doing right now. I'm trying to listen to my gut every now and then listen to my team and try not to get monotonous: Prajakta Koli

Ajey Nagar A.K.A. CarryMinati: The Roastmaster

I thought about pursuing YouTube as a full-fledged career when I was 13. It was a very intuitive calling for me: CarryMinati

Gaurav Chaudhary: Straight From The Heart

The influencer, who is popularly called Technical Guruji (name of his YouTube channel), believes in choosing uncomplicated subjects and explaining the same in a simple manner

S Shanthi

Ruhez Amrelia: The Man With A Passion

Tech influencer, Amrelia, took inspiration from many global tech creators in 2015 and decided to follow their path

S Shanthi

What Happened In Gym Did Not Stay In Gym

Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast, flight captain, national level bodybuilder and vlogger, has been in the public eye ever since his fitness video went viral

Shrabona Ghosh

When Beer & Biceps Make Ran-Veer Run

Ranveer Allahbadia, aka BeerBiceps, is a digital content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur and an investor

Shrabona Ghosh

Rise To Stardom

If something comes from your heart, it will reach the heart of your audience, says Dr. Vivek Bindra

S Shanthi

The Experiential Coach

For Ankur Warikoo, there are two pillars for success: consistency and authenticity

Saurabh Kumar