Innovation - Page: 122

A Historical Perspective

Some of the most innovative ideas have emerged during times of economic duress.

5 Big Biz Think Tank Techniques

Larger companies are using innovation centers to encourage and implement new ideas. What can you learn from their tactics?

Chris Penttila

The Faces of Web 2.0

Find out who's making news and leading the way into the second incarnation of the web.

The Wave of Next-Generation Innovators

Forward-thinking entrepreneurs are making strides in promising areas--from nanotech to biotech to semiconductors. Will any of them build the next Microsoft?

Mark Henricks

Who Are Today's Power Players?

Entrepreneurs are becoming the front-runners of innovation.

Winning the R&D Game

Are you trying to develop the next big thing? Enlist help from bright minds outside your company by throwing in a prize.

Steve Cooper

Sparking Bright Ideas

Seeking company innovation? Look to your staff for collaboration.

Tax Credit for Innovation

Go on--get some credit for your company's research.

Carol Tice

Partnering With a University

Universities have long been centers of innovation. Now, many are partnering with entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas.

Timothy Sprinkle

American Inventor, Episode 6

Three inventors are given $50,000 and four weeks to develop their products. Who will make it to the ultimate finals?

Laura Tiffany

American Inventor: Episode 4

The last episode of auditions features a revolutionary baby car seat, a character-building teddy bear, and a new way to think about brewing beverages.

Laura Tiffany

Unleash the Innovator Within

Hitting a roadblock when it comes to reaching the next level of business growth? Here are five ways to unlock your hidden potential.

Charlie Fleetham