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6 Companies Backing Rio Olympic Athletes

These entrepreneurs and businesses are assisting athletes with tech, mosquito repellent and a job placement program.

Watch a Robot Repair Lockheed Martin Blimps

The patented SPIDER device solves one of the greatest challenges faced by the airship industry.

How to Avoid Being Redundant When the Robots Have Replaced Most of Us

Instead of worrying about a robot taking your job, start thinking about how to keep robots working for you.

R.I.P. to the VCR

It transformed the way we watched TV (i.e. argued over who taped over my favorite episode of 'What's Happening!!')

5 Ways to Join the Ranks of the World's Most Innovative Companies

How to do that: Develop an 'outsider' mentality. Look from the outside-in.

What This Casket Maker Learned from Honda, Tesla and Steve Jobs

Former auto designer Joseph Ledinh knows he's in a grim business. But that's why it's so exciting.

These 5 Clever Packaging Ideas Will Inspire You

With a little investment, you can make every purchase more memorable. Here's what five companies did to customize their containers.

Segway Creator's Advanced Prosthetic Arm Arrives in Late 2016

Mobius Bionics will be the first to offer Segway creator Dean Kamen's Luke arm.
Radicals & Visionaries

How Humanities Degrees Cultivate Marketable Business Skills

The often overlooked skills gained from a humanities degree can give business leaders an edge on their competition.

Watch Beer Pong Played With a Roomba

Use this innovation to take your backyard activities up a notch this Fourth of July weekend.
Self-Driving Cars

BMW to Team Up With Tech Firms for Driverless Cars

The company is set to announce an alliance to develop self-driving vehicles with collision detection specialist Mobileye and computer chip maker Intel.

Why This Company Decided Not to Hide its Biggest 'Weakness'

Sometimes a startup's perceived weakness is really its biggest asset.
Radicals & Visionaries

YPO Innovation Week Stressed Collaboration, Changing Employees From the Inside Out and Evidence-Based Innovation

While ingenuity comes in many forms across the world, it invariably starts with understanding the changing business climate and questioning boundaries at home and abroad.

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Is Giving Millions to Turn Columbus, Ohio, Into the City of the Future

Self-driving electric shuttles and high-speed WiFi stations may soon grace the the streets of the city as part of a futuristic makeover.