James Yi

· 10 min read

Sweet Virginia Is the First Southern State to Legalize Marijuana

Lawmakers approve a bill that will allow adults to possess and cultivate small amounts of weed starting in July.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 2 min read

All Those Fears About Marijuana Legalization Never Materialized

On the contrary, new research shows that legalization has been great for creating jobs and boosting state budgets.

· 3 min read

Idaho Senate Approves Constitutional Ban On Marijuana

State senators say they want to keep Idaho "clean."

· 4 min read

Is France Going to Legalize Le Cannabis in 2021?

France is known for its liberal views, but that has not extended to cannabis, where the restrictions are among the strictest in Europe. But that may soon change.

· 4 min read

The U.S. House Passes Bill to Federally Legalize Marijuana

The historic bill now goes to the Senate. Will it pass?

· 6 min read

In Voting To Make Weed Legal, Mississippians Rejected the Advice of Political Leaders

Government leaders and talk show hosts asked the people of Mississippi to vote against legalizing medical marijuana. They didn't listen.

· 4 min read

Israel Inches Closer to Legalizing Cannabis Nationwide

A government task force is reportedly ready to announce its recommendations on making cannabis legal to those over 21.

· 4 min read

Future Legal Cannabis States Can Learn from California's Mistakes

The Golden State has made its fair share of marijuana industry missteps, laying a clear road map of what not to do.

Dr. Stuart Titus

· 6 min read

Mexico Just Got One Giant Step Closer to Legalizing Marijuana

A proposed Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis will go to the Chamber of Deputies for possible approval on December 15.

Mairem Del Río

· 5 min read

New York Might Be Late To Legalization, But It Can Still Lead

If New York wants to try to retain its national reputation as a progressive leader, it should pass a law centered around promoting social justice.

Evan Nison

· 3 min read

Big Wins For Weed In The 2020 Election

Voters cast their ballots in favor of cannabis legalization in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota.

Jonathan Small

· 2 min read