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Managing Employees

Team Work

Learn a Little Psychology to Motivate Employees and Increase Productivity

This is the Hawthorne Effect. Learn what it can do for your office.
Inspiring Your Team

These Companies Are Giving Employees an 'Unsick Day'

Zocdoc, Oscar, Foursquare, Virgin Hotels and others are giving employees a guilt-free day off to go to the doctor.
Inspiring Your Team

4 Ways to Not Stop Employees From Wasting Time

Restrictions and overreactions on the employer's part don't solve the problem.

How This Entrepreneur Went From Solopreneur to Employing More Than 500

Kelsey Humphreys sits down with entrepreneur Matt Britton to discuss how he built a multimillion dollar award-winning agency.
Employee Performance

The Bedrock of Performance Management? Communication of Acceptable Behavior.

Effective leaders manage performance by continually reinforcing their criteria for success.
Human Resources

How to Find Your Best Employees and Keep Them Around

Don't trust your intuition when it comes to rating employees.
Inspiring Your Team

4 Ways to Motivate Employees to Achieve Phenomenal Results Every Day

Many entrepreneurs have started companies by themselves but none has ever grown a company by themselves.
Inspiring Your Team

Millennials? Focus on Individuals, Not Demographics.

Millennials aren't all that different from older generations.
Team Work

In Defense of Work-Life Balance

Rejuvenated, energized employees are productive employees. Here are four ways to have better balance at your business.

4 Success Lessons This Entrepreneur Learned While Cleaning Up in the Laundry Business

Disruption is not just the fate of complacent industry giants, as one disgruntled customer proved by growing a multi-million dollar laundry business.

Why You Need to Integrate Transparency Into Your Culture

The point is, some companies are failing to communicate their values from the top down.
Employee Retention

15 Things Your Boss Is Tired of Hearing

Before saying any one of these statements, review in your mind how it will be received.
Run a Better Business

How Business Leaders Can Best Respond to the Rise of Populism

Populism reflects worry about the economy and sagging faith in political institutions. Insightful business leaders will respond by offering stability and purpose.
Managing Employees

7 Habits of Masterful Managers Who Coach Their Teams to Success

Being good at your job is important. Making other people better at their jobs is most important of all.

Looking Through the Lens of the Leader

We all experience the world differently. Is it possible that employees screen information through a different lens than that of leadership?