Mark Zuckerberg

Meta will open physical stores to showcase the devices to access the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg's bet is to become the preferred hardware manufacturer for users who want to enter the metaverse.

Horizon Worlds, Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse, will allow creators to sell digital goods and experiences in their worlds

Meta has announced the launch of a program to encourage content creators on its immersive augmented reality platform.

Meta Rolls Out New Feature for People Who Want to Make Money in the Metaverse

The company also unveiled its Horizon Worlds Creator Bonus program for U.S. participants on Monday.

Amanda Breen

Meta Might Be Testing Its Own Currency Called 'Zuck Bucks'

A new report claims that the social media giant is experimenting with its own in-app currency.

Emily Rella

Ken Burns: 'Mark Zuckerberg Should Be in Jail'

The master documentarian on his new film 'Benjamin Franklin' and the current state of our nation.

Dan Bova

Mark Zuckerberg confesses that his employees refer to him as the Eye of Sauron

The nickname refers to an evil being able to see everything in JRR's work, The Lord of the Rings.

NFTs Are Coming Soon to a Popular Social-Media Platform

The NFTs are coming to the platform in the 'near term.'

Chloe Arrojado

Amid Russia-Ukraine conflict Facebook and Instagram loosen some restrictions on hate speech

Following the block on Meta's social media activities, the company unveils some adjustments to its hate message policies.

What's Behind Facebook's Historic Market Share Drop? A Number of Things.

On Thursday, Facebook experienced the biggest one-day market value drop for a U.S. company.

What You Need To Know About How the Metaverse Will Affect Business

The metaverse is coming. Here's how you can prepare your business to thrive throughout the change.

Rashan Dixon

Zuckerberg Sweeps Up $17 Million Former Plantation In Hawaii

The land includes a reservoir which was the site of a deadly flood in 2006.

Emily Rella

How Do Your Eating Habits Compare to Warren Buffett, Elon Musk and Bill Gates? These Are the Billionaires' Favorite Foods to Snack On

From midnight cereal snacks to McDonald's runs, loving junk food is one way billionaires are just like us.