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Inexpensive Market Research Methods

You need market research to hit the mark with prospects. But if costly surveys and focus groups aren't in your financial picture, try these creative, budget-friendly ways to get to know your target audience.

Isabella Trebond

Conducting Market Research

It's not just for the big fish, but for the guppies, too.

Conducting Surveys and Focus Groups

Check out these effective market research options that won't take a toll on your budget.

Mie- Yun Lee

Down and Dirty Market Research

You can learn a lot by visiting your competitors.

Stever Robbins

Market Research on the Web

Use the Internet to find out if your business has potential.

Dan Blacharski

Finding Market Research Sources

Your business plan isn't complete until you conduct market research. But where can you find the data you need?

Stever Robbins

Conducting Market Research

Prospects need a reason to buy, even if you're just asking them whether they'd use your product or service.

Karen E. Spaeder

Market Research

The questions you need to answer.

Market Research 101

Market analysis resources to help you target your best customers

Lynn L. Norquist