Email Marketing

The Secret to the Perfect Holiday Email Campaign

Christmas is coming, and now is the time to start preparing your email marketing efforts.

The Best Way to Spend $1,000 Marketing Your Business

The key to cost-effective marketing that still makes a big impact is to focus on high-return activities.

Volkswagen Faces the Most Onerous Rebranding Challenge In History, Again

A nice apology letter from VW gives some clues just how badly they screwed up.
Project Grow

3 Steps to Your 'Unfair Speaking Advantage'

What positions you, and you alone, as the go-to, must-book speaker in your field?

The Secret to Creating Content for Millennials? Skip the Short Form, and Go Deep.

Surprise! Turns out that millennials are voracious readers of news, even if they rarely pick up a newspaper.
Email Marketing

7 Statistics That Prove Email Marketing Isn't Dead

When it comes down to it, consumers still derive tangible benefits from email, and marketers still get a real payback.

Millennials Don't Want Ads. They Want Stories.

Avoid the sales-y pitch. Quality content marketing is at the heart of winning over the younger generation.

9 Tools to Improve Your Instagram Marketing

These apps can produce stunning graphics, help streamline content strategy and much more.
Customer Loyalty

4 Ways to Show Customers You Are Listening to Them

Asking for ideas and rewarding suggestions are techniques to keep the good karma flowing between you and your loyal clientele.
Retail Businesses

3 Holiday Retail Trends Entrepreneurs Need to Consider

To compete and stay relevant, retailers need to get creative, innovative and aggressive this season.
Online Marketing

The 10 Traits of Successful Online Marketers

Do you love a good puzzle and know how to tell a great story? Then online marketing may be for you.

10 Buzzworthy Marketing Strategies Worth Explaining

From T.O.F.U. to amplification and applause, here are a few marketing techniques you need to know about.

You May Have an Awesome Product, But It Won't Mean Much Without a Marketing Plan

A great marketing plan is simple and thoughtful. It starts by recognizing that one launch, one day, one event may not be enough to lead to a critical mass of adoption.

Great Scott! Lyft Offers Free DeLorean Rides in NYC

In honor of Back to the Future, the company is allowing people to travel in 'McFly Mode.'
Content Marketing

4 Indispensable Content-Marketing Resources

The social media cacophony makes it difficult to be heard but an entire industry has developed to amplify your company's message.
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