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Ask the Expert

Here's How to Make Sure Your Company Is Ready for Online Marketing

While social media and marketing can definitely help boost a brand's online presence, there are a few other things companies should do before investing resources to these areas.
Online Marketing

4 Strategies That Must Be Part of Your Marketing to Customers

If you refuse to play by their rules, they have the power to easily find alternatives, and actively pull other potential customers away.

5 Blog Topics You Need to Stop Writing About

There are a few topics that online readers have seen time and time again-and at this point, they're just becoming noise.
Public Relations

How Startups Can Take Advantage of Netflix's Early-Release Strategy

In the public-relations game, the brand that comes out first often makes the biggest splash.
Mobile Marketing

Innovative Trends for Upping Mobile-Customer Engagement

Mobile devices open the possibility of marketing to customers when and where they are likeliest to buy, but only if you can win their attention.
Content Strategy

3 Ways to Expand Your Content's Reach

Here are three tips to optimize your online PR content for greater reach, readership and results.
Public Relations

Stop Making These 5 Idiotic Media-Outreach Mistakes

Getting the press to cover your business is great, but pestering journalists is not an effective strategy.

KFC Doubles Down on a Dumb Ad Campaign

KFC believes that a negative response equates to a good response. No wonder the chain is struggling.
Team Work

Eliminate These 5 Words From Your PR Messaging

When crafting that message, understanding what not to say is every bit as important as what you do say.

Gap Is Doing Everything It Can to Become Cool Again

With consumers embracing cheaper fast-fashion alternatives like H&M and Zara, the retailer has found itself in need of a makeover.
Take It From The Pros

From Subway's Jared to Bill Cosby: How Do You Make Hiring a Spokesperson Worth the Risk?

In an era when scandals spread like wildfire, company spokespeople can go from the face of your company to a major liability.
Take It From The Pros

The 7 Tenets of Branding

These fundamental principles of design and strategy will help your business stand the test of time.
Take It From The Pros

5 Marketing Lessons Learned Watching Donald Trump Run for President

Marketing is successful when you know who loves you. Marketing failure is trying to make everybody like you.

5 Ways to Stop Embarrassing Yourself on LinkedIn

Sure, you love your good ole' boy photos. Just don't post them when you're trying to look professional.

Smart Startups Learn How to Create and Manage Hype

What most entrepreneurs fail to appreciate is that even the most basic marketing takes time, money and creativity.