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Customer Loyalty

Simple Ways to Master Technology and Create True Fans

How many 'true fans' do you need to be successful if you are a small business? Kevin Kelly has the answer.
Crisis Management

7 Crisis Lessons From 'The Hunger Games'

The dystopian series provides ample social commentary. In addition, we can learn a lot about crisis communications from the 'girl on fire.'
Social Media Marketing

7 Basic Social-Media Tips to Set Your Marketing Right

Here's how to take your social-media marketing to the next level.
Email Marketing

4 Ways to Use Email to Increase App Installations

To succeed with email marketing, you need to align your thinking to acquiring, nurturing and engaging leads.

4 Tips for Making Millions Quickly Marketing Through Infomercials

Though often lampooned, these long-form commercials are the original viral-marketing success story.
Take It From The Pros

Erase the Line Between Cause and Marketing

The need to keep corporate-social-responsibility efforts distinct from pure promotion may be vanishing.

11 Foolproof Ways to Grow Your Small-Business Facebook Following

You don't need to be a social-media expert to be an effective marketer on the platform.
Business Ideas

Why Your Business Idea Should Sell Itself

Come up with a winning proposition that others will like. But remember that good concepts invite copycats.

'Gangnam Style' Has Been Viewed So Many Times It Actually Broke YouTube

The viral video caused YouTube to upgrade its video-sharing platform. Here's how.
Increasing Conversions

5 Strategies for Turning Ecommerce Browsers Into Buyers

Between customer impatience and the ease of comparing prices, getting customers to convert is a constant challenge
Retail Businesses

What Happened to the Real Black Friday?

The shopping event has just become crazy. Entrepreneurs should step in and bring it back to its roots.

Twitter Unveils Improved Tools to Report Harassment

The company said it will now require less information from users flagging inappropriate content, among other changes.
Public Relations

How You Can Generate Effective PR With a Limited Budget

Here are tips on strategy and execution that any small business can follow to achieve PR success.
Social Media Marketing

Rule Breakers: 5 Social Brands That Defy Best Practices

A few noteworthy companies seem to have a true understanding of the established standards but ignore them in ways that make sense for their brand and actually enhance their online presence.

5 Moves Small Retailers Must Make to Compete With Big Box Stores

Local stores have more than one slingshot to use in their never-ending David vs. Goliath competition with national chains.