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5 Branding Myths Debunked

Don't get tripped up by these common misconceptions.
Starr Hall

From Keyword to Business Idea in 8 Steps

Learn the language of people's problems, and you'll discover untapped markets.
Get the Most From Your Written Testimonials

Get the Most From Your Written Testimonials

Make it standard practice to ask clients and contacts for testimonials and you'll build your credibility and your business.
Ivan Misner

A Hot, Affordable New Advertising Opportunity

Consumer habits show online video is the best value for advertisers.
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4 Ways to Boost Franchise Sales

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Turn Conversations Into Sales

People are talking about your brand online--find them and make them your customers.

What Are Your Customers Thinking?

Next-gen technologies predict consumer behavior.
Jennifer Wang

Level the Playing Field

Make sure people in positions of power value your experience and judgment.

Your Twitter Toolbox

Apps to personalize your Twitter experience.

Syndicate Yourself

Use RSS feeds to build website traffic and keep your web presence up to date.

People Try Twitter One Month, Then Fly

Many people use Twitter a few times and don't come back. See how it measures up to other social media.

Website Marketing Turnoffs

13 things not to do when adapting your product to an online model.
Guy Kawasaki

Marketing is a form of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product or service to them. Communicating the value of your product or service is a key aspect of marketing. 

The Four P's of marketing include identifying and developing your product, determining its price, figuring out placement in order to reach customers, and developing a promotional strategy. 

Developing a marketing plan is an important way to begin forming this strategy for reaching customers and encouraging them to buy.